COVID-19 – Updated 11 Jun 2020

From 18 June 2020 the Official Chinese Visa Application centre will re-open to accept a very small number of visa applications & legalisation/ authentications request. However they’ll need additional supporting documents:

For visa application:
– An “Invitation letter of Duly Authorised Unit (PU letter)” issued by a local Chinese Foreign Office. Traveller should be in touch with their Chinese partners as they’ll need to contact their local Foreign Office in obtaining the letter.
– Submissions need to book in advance and processing time will be longer than usual.

For Legalisation/ authentication:
– Submissions need to book in advance; however processing time will be longer than usual.
– FCO is opening for business accounts – contact us ( to start your process now.

With the latest COVID-19 situation we have decided to:

  • Starting to resume service, though the full service wont be resume until at least July (in line with Embassy’s reopening.
  • ALL team members are sent home – although they’ll have access to tel/ email.
  • We will revise our opening hours once we have further information from the Chinese Embassy/ FCO/ UK Gov’t.
  • The above arrangements will stay until further notice.