Compulsory Covid Test Before Departure / 核酸檢測 – HS Certificate / QR 健康碼

Chinese visa – From 21 Aug 2020, all travellers entering China from the UK (incl direct/ indirect flights) will need to provide a “HS (Health Statement) Certificate” issued by the Chinese Embassy in the UK, which can be done by submitting 1. nucleic acid test; and 2. serum-specific IgM antibodies test (updated 30 /10/2020)a covid test (nucleic acid test) result. Without the HS certificate travellers will not be able to get onboard to any flights into mainland China from the UK.

Below are expired updates:

Updated 7 Jan 2021: HS certificate switched to QR code and traveller are advised to provide an outbound flight ticket as supporting document. QR code only available for direct flights only. Two tests should completed within 48hrs before boarding.
Mandarin Visa is partnering with Corona Test Centre to provide 2x covid tests before deaprture. After tests report will be sent directly from Corona Test Centre to us for QR code. Contact us ([email protected]) for more details.

Updated 5/11/20: The Embassy in the UK will stop issuing HS Certificate for UK passport holders (with exceptions of diplomatic, courtesy, crew visa holders).

Updated 30/10/20: From 7 Nov 2020 the Embassy in the UK will not proceed HS certificate request if travellers are transitting via a third country.

The two tests should be completed within 48hrs (updated 30/10/20) 72hrs before the passenger boarding (e.g. if you’re travelling on 30 Aug you should provide a Covid test result dated no earlier than 28 Aug). The embassies and consulates in the UK have no special requirements for hospitals and testing institutions, and passengers can choose according to their own circumstances.

Mandarin Visa provides Covid test submission service – charges will be £50 per doucment and the processing time will be approx 24hrs (excl holidays). You could submit your test result at and we will process your request asap.

Please feel free to contact us ([email protected] / Tel: +44-020-3538-2848 for any further information.


  • Printout of Test Report & HS Certificate is recommended.
  • All travellers will need to obtain QR code before travelling. Travellers aged under 5yrs will not need to take a Covid test if he/she is flying into China on a direct flight. HS Certificate & travellers should contact the airlines for further information if he/she is travelling on an indirect flight. (Updated 30/10/20)
  • Antibody test will not be accepted and the Embassy will only accept a nucleic acid test report (PCR) for HS certificate (Updated 30/10/20).
  • Travellers will need to quarantine for 14 + 7 days upon arrival.(Updated 7/1/21)
  • 最新消息

    核酸檢測 – HS Certificate 及小程序QR 健康碼

    從2020年8月21日開始,從英國進入中國的旅客都需要提供由中國駐英國大使館簽發的“ HS(健康聲明)證書”,提交過程需要提供新型肺炎(1.核酸檢測2.血清特異性IgM抗體測試(於2020年10月30日更新))結果。沒有HS證書的話將無法登機。

    2021年1月7日更新:HS證書已轉換為QR碼,建議旅客提供出境機票作為補充文件。 QR碼僅為從英國出發的直航機乘客簽發,使館並要求登機前48小時內應完成兩項測試。
    Mandarin Visa正在與Corona Test Centre合作提供2種covid測試。 測試報告將直接從實驗室發送給我們,及後轉發至使館獲取QR碼。 申請人可以聯繫我們([email protected])了解更多詳情。



    Mandarin Visa提供Covid/ HS Certificate 服務-每份文件收費50英鎊,處理時間約為24小時(節假日除外)。您可以在上提交測試結果,我們將盡快處理您的請求。

    請隨時與我們聯繫([email protected] /電話:+ 44-020-3538-2848)以獲取更多信息。


  • 建議打印測試報告和HS證書。
  • 所有旅客在登機前均需提供QR 健康碼。(更新7/1/21)
  • 抗體測試將不被接受,使館僅接受HS證書的核酸測試報告(PCR)(30/10/20更新)。
  • 旅客抵達中國後將需要隔離14+7天。(7/1/21更新)