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As a UK service provider, we are eager to grow and develop our business, but we also know that it is important to do so responsibly.

While facilitating UK population to visit China for business and tourism, we know there are a large proportion of area in China is still under proverty, and maybe we should contribute a part of our income to help those in needs. So we decided to invest a portion of our profit back to the community to make a difference, and our contribution this year is the biggest it is has ever been.

We take full responsibility for the impact our activities have on stakeholders, and we want a two-way dialogue in all of our engagement policies and programmes. If you think there are other stakeholder in needs, please let us know and we will see if we could contribute to make a difference.

Sponsoring the ICC (International China Concern)

We start sponsoring  ICC to help rescuing abandoned children in China and currently we are having a sponsored child in Hunan province (Chairman Mao’s birthplace).

From there, the children can can either move into ICC homes or facilities as space becomes available, or their staff work within the state-run facilities to elevate the standards of care. Once children come into care they receive the vital medical attention, nutrition and therapy needed to survive. Many of the children take huge strides once they receive the right care and attention. Through the programs, ICC have been able to cut that 80% mortality rate by over half.  Over time these children may recover with some love and therapy. They go on to receive education, vocational training and life skills and may eventually integrate naturally into society.

Long Han Wen (born in 2010) is our first child under the care of ICC. Born pre-mature with Cerebral Palsy, he was abandoned in Changsha but transferred to the organisation when he was 3 months old. Here are the reports related to our sponsership:

Date Report Link
June 2017 ICC first newsletter + Feb 2017 update on Long Han Wen Download Link
Nov 2017 Nov 2017 update on Long Han Wen 15 Nov 2017 – ICC newsletter
Jun 2018 Jun 2018 update on Long Han Wen 29 Jun 2018 – ICC newsletter
Jun 2018 Jun 2018 photo update on Long Han Wen 29 Jun 2018 – photo
Jan 2019 Jan 2019 ICC newsletter updates on Long Han Wen 28 Jan 2019 – ICC Newsletter
Jun 2019 Jun 2019 ICC newsletter updates on Long Han Wen 13 Jun 2019 – ICC Newsletter
For more information regarding ICC, please visit  If you wish to contribute and help the abanoned children in China, please visit

Who is ICC?