Visa for Current/ Expired Residence Permit Holders – Chinese Visa Application – Nov 2020

Updated 5 Nov 2020: Followed by the UK national lockdown the Embassy/ visa centre in the UK will not process any visa applications until further notice. Rules re: valid residence permit issued on 14 Oct 2020 will be suspended – i.e. travellers with valid residence permit will not be able to re-enter China until further notice.

The followings are expired notice:

Updated 23 Sept 2020: Starting from 28 Sept 2020 the Chinese border will re-open to those who has a valid residence permit (work, family reunion). Travellers with valid residence permit (for study) still not be able to re-enter. Traveller with 1.expired residence permit and 2.valid work permit may be eligible for a new visa application, please contact us ([email protected]) for more information.

Updated 14 Oct 2020: The Embassy also opened S1/S2 visa applications if the applicant is submitting the application together with their spouse (on a new work visa application). Supporting documents include 1. Proof of relationship and 2. Passport of spouse; please email your doucments to ([email protected]) before making your application.

Starting from 11 Aug 2020 the Chinese Embassy in the UK will start accepting visa applications made by current residence permit holders. We are now processing new Z/ S1 visa applications – see below for more information. Advance biometrics is available and we will need to review your application before confirming appointments, please contact us as soon as possible.

Documents Required:
1. Travellers’ current/ expired Residence Permit
2. For Z visa applicant – Travellers’ current work permit (card or pdf) an employment letter (signed & stamped by Chinese employer) from current Chinese employer is required
3. Employment Letter (Updated 1/11/20)
4. Order form ( )
5. Passport and Fingerprints for Submission

Processing time will be 3-4 working days after submission. Please contact us ( [email protected] / Tel: 020-3538-2848 ) for more information.