COVID-19 – Updated 24 Mar 2020

The Chinese Embassy/ Official Visa Applicaiton Centre has announced a temporary closure due to the Covid-19 situations in the UK: From 25 Mar 2020 the Official Visa Centre will be closed until furthre notice.

With the latest COVID-19 situation we have decided to:

  • Suspend all pending visa applications, as well as withdraw all current applications made in ALL Embassy/ Consulates.
  • ALL team members are sent home – although they’ll have access to tel/ email. At this point all members are NOT required to work as there is no ongoing/ incoming applications.
  • We will revise our opening hours once we have further information from the Chinese Embassy/ FCO/ UK Gov’t.
  • The above arrangements will stay until further notice.
  • Embassy Closure Sept/ Oct 2019

    The Chinese Embassy/ Visa Centre will be closed on 13 Sept, 30 Sept and 1 Oct 2019. Our office will remains open and will submit all applications on 16 Sept/ 2 Oct respectively.

    If you need anything urgently, please contact us via email ( and we will assist you in visa policy and submission issues.