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Travel plans can change at a moment’s notice. If you need your Chinese visa urgently, our Next Day Service is your solution. We specialize in fast, reliable visa processing, ensuring you get your visa within 24 hours.

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  • Lightning-Fast Processing: Secure your Chinese visa within just 24 hours.
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How It Works

  1. Easy Application: Fill out your visa application and gather the necessary documents.
  2. Speedy Processing: Submit your passport by post/ in person to our London Office.
  3. Prompt Delivery: Collect your Chinese visa or have it delivered the next day.

Documents – Next Day Chinese Visa

Your application needs to satisfy the requirements listed by the Chinese Embassy in the UK:

 Tourist L Type VisaBusiness M Type Visa
BiometricsOptional: Required for 2yr multiple entry application.
Same Day/ Next Day Appointment is available. Contact us for more information.
PassportOriginal Passport:
1. With at least 2 blank pages
2. With at least 6 months validity remaining
PhotoTwo standard passport size, coloured photo:
1. WHITE background
2. NO visible distortion of facial features (i.e. NO glasses/ Ear rings)
3. Head width between 15mm and 22mm, head height between 28mm and 33mm
4. Should be taken within 6 months

More details is available at
Order Form 1. Order form:; or

2. Visa Application Form: we could do form-filling ( Order Form – Mandarin Visa Order Form) on your behalf or you could visit for online applications.
Supporting DocumentReturn Air ticket and Hotel Reservation to cover your first trip.

Document should include the following details:
1. Full name of traveller
2. Check-in / Check-out dates
3. Destination and Flight number for air ticket
4. Full hotel Address for hotel reservation
5. Printed on company letterhead paper/ from official booking website (e.g.
Invitation Letter from a Chinese Company/ Institute
Your letter should include a list of information:

– FULL NAME, Gender, Date of birth, and passport number of the applicant
– Your intended Entry and Exit dates to China
– Your purpose of visit to China
– Your intended destination(s) in China
– Your source of financial support for your trip to China
– Your relationship with the invited institute
– A letterhead showing the name, address, telephone number of the Chinese institute
– Signature and stamp from the Chinese institute on the invitation.
Special CasesYou will need to provide additional information if you are:

1.  Media professional/ NGO/ Government officials
2. Applicants born outside the country of origin
3. You will need additional documents if you’re under 18
4. The Embassy may also request other documents (e.g. bank statements, marriage certificate, pay slips etc) More information is available at

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