Biometrics for Chinese Visa – what you need to know

Chinese Visa – what you need to know about biometric requirements

The Chinese Embassy in the UK has revised their application procedures and require biometric information from applicants aged between 14 & 70. We offer advanced appointments (as early as next day) in London to facilitate your application process.

Procedure – Facial and Fingerprints

  1. As part of the requirements from the VAC (in order to utilise resources on successful applications), all applications needs to be pre-checked before having an advanced biometric slot – kindly email your documents (i.e passport copy, photo, forms and supporting documents) to us ([email protected]) for pre-check and bookings.
  2. Original documents (i.e. passport, UK residence permit) must arrive at the visa centre on submission date (other documents can be sent via email (in pdf)). We will notify our clients once the appointment is confirmed.
  3. Applicant will need to visit the Chinese Visa Application Service Center in London at 12 Old Jewry, London EC2R 8DU (2 mins walk from where we are). Advanced biometric slot will be available from 1pm. Once the biometric is done the VAC will initiate their application process and the outcome will be available in 48/72hrs (with relevant services).

Your Application Documents

We would suggest you to email all documents to us in advance before lodging your application, as there are special cases and additional documents may be required by the Chinese Embassy:

  1. A UK employment letter may be required for Media professional/ NGO/ Government officials
  2. Certificate of Naturalisation / Overseas national ID / Passports of other nationalities may be required for applicants born outside the country of origin
  3. The Embassy may also request other documents (e.g. bank statements, marriage certificate, pay slips etc)
  4. You will need additional documents if you’re under 18.

More information can be found at We will contact the VAC for the application outcome. Sometimes it will take significantly longer to obtain the result and the VAC/ Embassy releases visa outcomes on 24 hrs intervals.