Interview – what you need to know

Chinese Visa Interview – what you need to know

During you visa application process, the Embassy may require your biometric information (i.e. fingerprints). If your application fits in one of the following categories then you are likely to be interviewed by the Chinese Consulate in London:

  1. Your are applying for Long term visa (Study/ Work/ Family visit) and intended to stay over 180 days
  2. You are applying for Long/ short term work visa
  3. You are a mdeia professional/ NGO/ Government Officials
  4. You were born outside your country of origin (e.g. holding a UK passport but born in Kenya)
  5. You have been rejecteed in previous visa applications



  1. If you are being selected, you will need to provide your biomteric information at the beginning of the application process. You will need to visit the Chinese Vsa Application Service Centre in London at 12 Old Jewry, London EC2R 8DU.
  2. Additional documents may be required by the Chinese Embassy:
    1. A UK employment letter may be required for Media professional/ NGO/ Government officials
    2. Certificate of Naturalisation / Overseas national ID / Passports of other nationalities may be required for applicants born outside the country of origin
    3. The Embassy may also request other documents (e.g. bank statements, marriage certificate, pay slips etc)
  3. If things goes very smoothly then we could expect your passport + visa ready within 72hrs
  4. We will contact the visa centre for the visa outcome. Sometimes it will take significantly longer to obtain the visa outcome and the visa centre/ Embassy releases visa outcomes on 24 hrs intervals.